For Attorneys With Experience, Wynnes Is The Brisbane Patent Attorney You Can Trust

If you have something you have invented and wish to develop it, you should seek the advice of a patent attorney in Brisbane. Wynnes has several experienced patent and Trade Mark attorneys on staff that deal with preparing and filing patent applications every day. They also have experience in dealing with prosecuting applications, managing and enforcing the rights of patents, and dealing with designs and Trade Marks all over Australia, New Zealand, and even overseas. The firm prides itself on offering outstanding quality at cost effective prices.

What Is A Patent?

If you are an inventor, you surely know what a patent is, but the average person may not understand the concept. A patent is issued by the government granting an individual or organisation the legal right to exploit an invention for a set period. The individual or organization has the right to exclude other from producing, using, or selling the invention for the period specified in the patent.

There is a process for applying for a patent in Australia. It is the first step in attempting to get exclusive rights for an invention. It is the quality of the patent specification that determines the value of the invention. Brisbane patent attorneys at Wynnes understand that preparing the patent specification is an important part of the process and have years of experience in drafting successful specifications.

A Brisbane Patent Attorney Can Assist With Chemical And Pharmaceutical Inventions

When it comes to patents, many people associate them with mechanical inventions. Patents apply to numerous other inventions such as pharmaceutical or chemical ones. There are many examples including drugs that treat conditions such as heart disease, high cholesterol, and male testosterone deficiency. Individuals and organisations are continually searching for treatments and cures for a range of conditions. When a discovery has been made, an application for patent is an important part of the process. Doing so can be tricky and requires the assistance of experienced professionals, like those at Wynnes.

Why Choose Wynees For Patent Assistance

Among patent attorneys in Brisbane, Wynnes has the experience in dealing with all aspects of patent filing, managing, and enforcement of rights. The firm’s attorneys are registered patent attorneys in Australia and New Zealand. They will never compromise on quality either. Wynnes understands the value of an invention. The individual or organisation that developed the invention stands to make a tremendous financial gain. Wynne understands that. The firm has always viewed its clients’ projects from a commercial perspective completely aware that intellectual property is a marketable product. Wynnes truly believes that if the firm can help its clients become successful, Wynnes will be successful as well.

The firm also offers several free services to clients. That includes an initial consultation where the firm’s attorneys review all of the options. The firm’s fees are presented up front so that clients are fully aware before any work is started. For all of your patent and Trade Mark needs, contact Wynnes by calling 07 339 4625. You can also learn more about the firm by visiting its website,