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Perhaps you dream of being an inventor and have recently discovered or created something new. You just know that if you could get your invention off the ground, it would solve a major problem, shape the future of modern society, or perhaps make our lives a little easier. However, to achieve your dream, you will likely need to obtain a patent.

Navigating through the legal waters of getting a patent for an invention can be confusing, time-consuming, and just plain difficult. If you find yourself in this position, there are people out there who can help. Wynnes Patent and Trademark Attorneys have been operating in Brisbane since 2001. Our patent attorneys specialise in helping individuals make their dreams a reality by offering them legal advice and services related to filing patent applications.

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Patent Attorneys Make the Application Process a Breeze

A patent is a valuable thing to have. It gives you, the patentee, the exclusive rights to your invention. It makes it legally impossible for others to steal your creation and use it for their commercial gain. It is an imperative step toward protecting your dream. The process of obtaining a patent begins with filing a Provisional Patent Application.

This application is a relatively inexpensive first step to getting your dream off the ground. Once filed, the application secures a priority date and allows for a 12-month period wherein you can do your homework: assess your invention, determine its potential commercial value, and decide how best to proceed. Should you choose to move ahead, you would then file a Complete Patent Application.

Your patent attorney will draft the Complete Patent Application, via a process that could last anywhere from one to five years (though sometimes it takes longer). The application passes through the hands of the Patent Examiner whose goal is to limit the legal scope of your patent, while you and your attorneys aim to broaden the scope of your patent rights. The draft of your application should be a quality application which clearly demonstrates the validity of your invention as a solid, innovative, product that is uniquely your own. If upon review, this fact can be proven, the application will enter the opposition stage where a third party may argue the validity of the patent. If your application stands during this three-month period, your patent will be granted!

Hire Wynnes Patent and Trademark Attorneys and Make Your Dream Come True

While the process of obtaining a patent can be complicated and depends much on factors such as the type of invention and any commercial aspects involved, it can be greatly simplified by hiring the right patent attorney. The quality of the drafted patent application plays a significant role during this lengthy process, and the stronger the application, the better chances there are of having it approved.

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