The benefits of attending international IP conferences - APAA Taipei 2019

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Philipp Orth - Principal

A highlight for any Patent Attorney is to travel and attend intellectual property conferences in great locations.  Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to attend the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) 50th Annual Council Meeting in Taipei. 

I always enjoy attending the APAA as it is an opportunity to meet with our established Associates from around the world.  In addition, I was able to enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of Taiwan on a series of specially planned excursions.

So why do we attend these conferences?

Staying Up To Date

It is important to connect face-to-face with our overseas Associates and learn about the current intellectual property (IP) laws in their country.  Making sure we are familiar with any recent changes to their national and regional systems, allows us to consider all the factors that could be important to our clients.

Forming Quality Relationships

Developing genuine relationships with our Associates enables us to ensure that our clients’ international matters are being expertly handled.

In return our Associates are assured that we will provide them with the same level of high-quality service that we provide to our own clients.

Generating New Ideas

apaa 2019 taipei conferenceCreativity is an essential skill to possess as a Patent Attorney.  Through in-depth discussions with our network of overseas Associates, we are able to generate new ideas on how we can further assist our clients to be more successful.

We pride ourselves on being client-focused and always aim to achieve the best outcome for the people who trust Wynnes with protecting their IP assets.  We are always eager to see what works well overseas and how we can apply this to our clients’ advantage.

During this year’s networking events, I learnt about new commercial avenues and advantages in European countries.  These avenues and advantages are something I have shared with the team at Wynnes and will also be sharing and exploring with our clients.

If you are considering expanding your products, innovations and designs outside Australia, contact us to discuss and find the right commercial solution for your needs.


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