How to choose the right Patent and Trade Mark Attorney for you

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Courtesy of the IPTA guide

The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (IPTA) wesbite has provided a checklist to inventors and business owners to use when choosing an Intellectual Property Attorney. To make it easier for you as you work through the checklist, we have provided some of the answers below.


PLM Top IP Firm

We are pleased to announce that Wynnes was recently voted as a top 5 Patent & Trade Mark Attorney Firm in Australia by Asian Patent Lawyer Magazine.

This award recognises the many years of work and level of experience that the Wynnes team has provided to clients over the past 2 decades.

Are they registered as a patent or trade mark attorney in Australia, and when were they registered?

The Principal, Dr Ewen C Wynne became a registered patent and trade mark attorney in 2000.  He has been working in private practice for more than 20 years.  All of Wynnes attorneys are registered and most are senior attorneys with many years of experience.

Does the patent or trade mark attorney belong to the Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (IPTA)?

At Wynnes, all our attorneys are Members or Fellows of the Institute.

What are the patent attorney’s technical qualifications?

The attorneys at Wynnes have legal qualifications as well as technical qualifications. These technical qualifications cover chemistry, biotechnology, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as software and electronics.  Combining both the legal qualifications, technical degree and experience ensures that our clients have their invention protected and trade marks registered correctly.

In which areas of technology does the patent or trade mark attorney normally practice, and what is the attorney’s experience in those areas?

We can help all trade mark, design and patent enquiries.  Wynnes Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys cover all aspects of patent and trade mark law.   Wynnes is registered to operate in Australia and New Zealand with preferred panel of Associates who support us and our clients through the world. Each of our attorneys have many years of experience in Intellectual Property law, supported by technical degrees in specific areas.  Our teams experience and qualifications can be viewed here.

What steps are involved and what is the likely timeframe for completing the work required?

At Wynnes Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys we know that every business and project is different.  That is why at Wynnes, we provide a free initial consultation service where we listen, discuss and tailor an IP strategy for you with an estimated cost and timeframe. 

How do patent or trade mark attorneys normally charge for services, and what will the work cost?

Wynnes prides itself with being open and transparent in all the work we do.  We are upfront with our costs and the client is fully advised before any work is started.  After our discussion, we provide a written breakdown of the costs incurred, both our professional fees and the standard (statutory) official fees so you know what you are paying for. 

Does your patent or trade mark attorney have a “Letter of Engagement”?

Yes – After the end of our free initial consultation, we will provide a letter of engagement, summarise our discussion including what we can do for you and the cost estimate.  We believe it is important that we are transparent with all our clients in what we will do and charge.

Does the patent or trade mark attorney have professional indemnity (PI) insurance?

Yes - As a professional firm, Wynnes has professional indemnity insurance (PI) as a matter of operational necessity.  We work within our areas of expertise and refer clients to others if the matter is outside our scope of services.  Over the period that Wynnes has been operating, we have not made a claim on our PI Insurance.

Would you like to meet one of our professional IP Attorneys in our Brisbane office or over the phone?

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We also have a short attorney FAQ guide to assist you in preparing for the initial meeting and make it more valuable for you.  
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