Insights from the Asian Patent Attorney Assoc. Conference

apaa taj mahal

A highlight for any Intellectual Property Attorney is to travel the world and attend educational conferences in great locations (yes, it is hard sometimes!).  The Attorneys from Wynnes have just returned from a week-long industry conference hosted by the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) in New Delhi, India.  I have now had time to fully digest the depth and changes in the IP industry that all business operators need to be aware of.

There were a number of over-arching themes from the conference that featured great speakers.

With India being a growing hub of innovation, increasing their presence in the IP industry and general business opportunities that present themselves, there was no better place to discuss all the changes in the industry over the past 12 months.

Here’s some of my key takeaways from the conference:

  1. Robust IP protection is available in most Asian countries.
  2. apaa ewen philipp associatesIndia has a rapidly developing market. There is a growing middle class that has a growing appetite for quality goods.
  3. India and other Asian countries have a large workforce which can produce products cost effectively.
  4. Many IP owners only cover 1 or 2 Asian countries. Through licensing deals with manufacturing businesses, patent costs can be covered and additional income streams can be achieved in countries that would otherwise not be considered.
  5. The power of many – an incredible number of attorneys that I spoke to, or heard present, relayed stories of how they have helped their clients protect their IP with innovative solutions. Using the collective power of our industry and working with like-minded professionals I sit back and am further reinvigorated by the industry and its professionals and how working together we can get better outcomes for all.

apaa ewen philippWhilst there were many more insights that I can write about (and will do over the coming months), I can summarise it as a great week of learning, friendship, sightseeing and enjoying the local cuisine.

Taking the time out to increase our knowledge in this ever-evolving industry will further help Wynnes to generate more new ideas on how we, as IP Attorneys, can further assist our clients to be more successful.

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Philipp Orth


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