Preparing to launch your invention

The next season of Shark Tank is now open for casting applications and so a flurry of activity will be taking place.  Be cautious though. Disclosing your product too soon can be the difference between your product getting the boost it deserves, to your product being copied and ripped off if you don’t take steps to protect it with trade marks and patents.

 IP guidance before you disclose

IP guidance catchy brand

Another thing to consider is if you have a great idea for your product or company brand name- then make sure you have checked to see that it is not already protected by a Trade mark.  You could save yourself a lot of time and money especially if you are infringing on a Trade mark.

 IP guidance seeking investments

Finally before you ask anyone for outside financial help make sure you have exhausted the avenues of applying for grants. The Australian Government have an active interest in increasing innovation in the small business sectors.  The economic Development teams and mentoring teams in all States are actively offering grants to start ups, entrepreneurs, emerging businesses and large-scale innovative companies with R & D Tax incentives. There are a number of doors for you to knock on before you et your cap out. Do that first.

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