Realise Your Dreams

The world of invention and innovation is complex and confusing for a person to understand.  It is conceptually difficult to understand the laws around innovation.  To add to the complexity, different countries have different laws and the laws in countries are continually changing.  Layered over this is the commercial perspective, embracing the perennial question, “Will it sell?”. 

The commercial aspect involves others including industrial designers, investors and financiers, marketers, manufacturers and retailers and presents different issues than those regarding invention. 

We at WYNNES can help you with fulfilling your dream.  We can convert your dream into tangible legal property.  We create your intellectual property.  It is our goal to help you succeed and realize your dream.  When you succeed in realizing your dream, we succeed. 

If you want to discuss your dream and how to realize your dream you can contact us at [email protected], via the contacts section on our website or by telephone 07 33994625.