Infringement Advice

We offer the service of providing infringement advice to clients so that they can be in an informed position to deal with a competitor’s patented technology.  Infringement advice can include an infringement opinion and a validity opinion.  The validity opinion concerns the validity of the patent in light of the requirements of the Patents Act 1990. 

We can also conduct infringement searches through the Australian Patent Office database and Australian Designs Office database to identify relevant patents and registered designs respectively to determine whether the manufacture, use or sale of a client’s product would infringe another’s patent or design rights.  We can also instruct our Associates to conduct infringement searches in relevant countries of concern.

We offer the service of providing advice to clients who wish to avoid infringement of a competitor’s patented technology. The advice will be tailored to the particular circumstances of the client but usually includes an opinion regarding infringement; advice in overcoming infringement issues and designing around the patented technology; strategies in handling the patent(s); and advice in dealing with and negotiating with the patentee.