Register Your Trade Mark With An Experienced Attorney In Brisbane - Wynnes Has The Most Experienced Trade Mark Attorneys On The Gold Coast

One of the most important ideas that you may develop as part of a new business venture is a logo or trade mark. Once you do so, you should have the Trade Mark registered. To register requires the assistance of a Trade Mark attorney. Wynnes is the Brisbane firm that has years of experience in dealing with Trade Marks. The firm is also well-known throughout the Gold Coast and the rest of Australia for its work with patents. Wynnes has numerous successful clients for which it has acquired patents. Those patents allowed clients to effectively exploit their inventions and make some serious profits.

How To Choose A Trade Mark

Choosing a Trade Mark in Australia can be difficult because of the many statutory requirements that must be met. The Trade Mark itself must be distinctive in relation to the goods or services that it is being registered. If consumers recognise the Trade Mark and associate it with the trader and product, it can be used.

There are certain restrictions that make sense when it comes to Trade Marks. They may not be identical or similar to other registered Trade Marks or those that are in the process of being registered. There are other restrictions that require the assistance of Trade Mark attorneys in the Gold Coast. Wynnes has the experience in dealing with Trade Mark restrictions like the one that states that Trade Marks should not include geographical names or descriptive or fashionable words. The average layperson will not be aware of certain restrictions.

The Advantages Of Using Trade Mark Attorneys To Register A Trade Mark

Applying for a Trade Mark requires the help of an experienced attorney like those at Wynnes. A registered Trade Mark gives the owner proprietary rights of the mark. That means no one else can use the mark without permission from the owner. Others who are competitors may attempt to register a similar Trade Mark. The application process includes a search of existing marks. Any similarities to a current Trade Mark are not permitted. Having a registered Trade Mark prevents competitors from trying to create a like representation and using it.

Using a Trade Mark attorney in Brisbane like Wynnes will ensure that the process is followed correctly. The firm will file your registration once an exact mark search shows that your mark is not similar to any others. Wynnes then files your application, responds to any objections that may arise, and awaits the opposition period. Once the opposition period passes, the Trade Mark is registered for a period of 10 years.

The Wynnes Advantage

The attorneys at Wynnes have experienced much success in patent and Trade Mark law for many years. The firm focuses on building solid client relationships to provide quality, personalised service that leads to obtaining intellectual property rights for its clients. When clients choose Wynnes, they get years of experience in preparing and filing patent and Trade Mark applications. Clients work with registered Australian and New Zealand trade mark and patent attorneys when they choose Wynnes.

If you have an intellectual property issue and need a trade mark attorney, contact Wynnes for a free initial consultation. Call the firm on 07 3399 4625 to schedule an appointment. You can learn more about the firm by visiting online at