Wynnes Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys: A Cost-Effective Intellectual Property Solution in Brisbane

Whether you are looking to apply for a patent for the first time or need to prosecute someone who you believe has infringed on an existing patent of yours, Wynnes Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys can provide the cost-effective solution you need.

Based in Bulimba, within convenient distance of Brisbane's Central Business District, we are ready to meet with you and help you win the rights you deserve over your inventions, designs or intellectual property.

Wynnes can help you identify and protect your IP assets

If you would like Wynnes to help identify your IP, provide options and recommendations, we are happy to discuss your situation with you in person, over the phone, via email or web chat.

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More Bang for Your Buck

Wynnes Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys is a patent law firm that has been operating since 2001. Though we are based in the Brisbane area, we have also served clients from most of Australia's major cities (including Melbourne, Sydney and Perth) as well as from all over the Queensland region. We even have overseas clients and help those far-flung businesses execute their patent-related affairs in Australia and New Zealand.

Over the years, we at Wynnes have been able to grow a reputation as some of the finest patent and Trade Mark attorneys in Australia. The quality of our service and our expertise in patent law, of course, are the biggest reasons for this. We specialise in executing patent applications and prosecutions for clients working in the software, electronic engineering, electrical or mechanical technology, chemistry or biotechnology. Since these industries have all grown tremendously since 2001, Wynnes Patent and Trade Mark Attorney have experienced growth and prosperity as well.

In addition to our quality service, though, Wynnes is also an in-demand patent and Trade Mark attorney thanks to our fair prices. Other law firms are often cagey about their fees or bill exorbitant amounts for small, insignificant services. When you hire a Wynnes specialist as your patent and trade mark attorney, we will be upfront with you about how we bill and how much you should expect to pay. We can provide you with a schedule of charges upon request, but generally, our fees are average and affordable.

At Wynnes Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, we are also happy to offer free initial consultations to first-time clients. If you have a patent question that you want answered, just contact us to set up a face-to-face consultation. We will review your case and advise you on your patent options. Regardless of whether you are applying for a patent for the first time or trying to defend the intellectual property rights of an existing patent, we are happy to meet with you.

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We also have a short attorney FAQ guide to assist you in preparing for the initial meeting and make it more valuable for you.  
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  • Glenn Knight - K-Valve

    "Ewen [Wynne] was super helpful.  Our first meeting was 2 hours long and he always said that if I had any questions that I could call him"

  • Belinda Scott and Crystal McGregor - Puctto

    “Ewen just made the process easy.  He explained things well and it wasn’t too complicated to understand”.

  • Peter Coman - InDesign Technologies

    "I felt so comfortable with Philipp and with the team at Wynnes, that I didn’t need or want to go anywhere else for IP advice and protection."

  • Andrew Fanning - Grydale

    "A friend of mine strongly recommended to see Ewen. As soon as I met with him and started discussing my idea, I knew that I was in capable hands."